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Monday, 9 July 2012

♥ Post of today ; 7/9/12 ♥

I wish you were here ~ 

Single life is freedom , 
But I more prefer like relationship life :) 

Today , 9/7/12 ( Monday )

Our school had came a new teacher , 
It's my friend also and he had graduated from mutiara then now come back Mutiara to be a guru ganti for a few months :D

Wish he good luck! :P

Besides , tomorrow morning got a activity of Senamrobik for about 30 minutes D;

Duno what is that program , need we all wear baju sukan sekolah to school for whole day D;

Well, in this year, I'm the last year of primary school :(
I'm happy in this school for five years!

Happy with alot of friends , I'm sad gonna leave with you all :(

If got chance, I will back to school again by next year visit my junior friends! :DD

By- PigletWen
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Newbie ♥

新的 Blogger ><

我叫 亿雯 :PP

大家多多关注哦 ,
我会经常来 UPDATE 的 XDD

欢迎大家来 逛逛、